Our Wharf Facility


Located at 2 Union Wharf in Fairhaven, MA., we offer our clients bulk head access to stage projects as well as a 10,000 square foot building on the wharf.

Security is important to us so our facility is gated and locked.


Our Mission


Diligent Marine Services was established to provide a dedicated and professional marine contractor service for all of New England.


Professional Marine Contractor Services

We will provide quality equipment with an experienced and knowledgeable crew that is properly trained to operate it. A crew equipped with the means and know-how to successfully complete your project, on time and on budget.

We think it's important to be accurate, safe, hardworking and diligent for all of our clients and we guarantee satisfaction on every job.


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About Us


Diligent Marine's headquarters is located at 2 Union Wharf in Fairhaven, MA.

Owner Joshua Belanger is available by calling: 617-797-5916 or e-mailing diligentmarine@gmail.com. Contact us any day of the week to discuss your project by phone or e-mail. We are also available to come out to your jobsite to take photographs and review your entire project in greater detail as you require.


We at Diligent Marine pride ourselves on our quality work and our long list of satisfied clients. We know that with over 20 years of experience, we can service just about any request you might have and we confidently guarantee your satisfaction with everything we do.

Our History

Diligent Marine was started by John Fitzgerald and Josh Belanger.

John Fitzgerald has owned and operated Fitzgerald Marine for the past 30 years. His reputation for offering a high quality service along our waterfront has developed into a long list of satisfied clients and excellent relationships.

Josh Belanger has brought along 20 years of experience in the marine industry. The core of his experience is derived from a long career as a working and knowledgeable manager at New England Harbor Services.


Diligent Marine was born when both Josh and John decided to team-up their skills and proven track record of success to start a marine company of their own. Offering the same great quality and customer service that earned them their valuable reputations, Diligent Marine is ready to service any project you have.



Dock and Pier Construction


  • Custom Wood Working
  • Piling Installation & Removal


Diligent Marine Projects


Fairhaven Bridge Closure - April 2014

DM worked closely with the MASS DOT and SPS New England to resolve the bridge issues as soon as possible.

The Problem:

Fairhaven Bridge trouble, closed to traffic. A 24/7 team needed as well as work vessels, barges and knowledgeable crews to get things done right and as quickly as possible.


 The Solution:

DM was hired to work hand and hand with MASS DOT and SPS New England to provide marine support for the entire project.

DM provided knowledgeable crews which rotated in working shifts on a 24/7 schedule. DM also made sure that all of the marine related equipment that was needed was there. The equipment supplied for this project included a 24' work boat and a 33'x12' deck barge.


Salvage of a 24' work boat

DM worked quickly to salvage a 24' work boat while getting the owner up and running with a replacement vessel to continue working on their own projects.

The Problem:

A 24' Aluminium work boat was out of commission and the company that relied on it was losing money. They needed a replacement boat to get back to work while someone else salvaged the vessel.


 The Solution:

DM was contracted for the job by Safety Boats North East, DM provided a small crane barge and a 2.5" discharge pump as well as a single diver to assist with the salvage. To make sure the company didn't lose anymore time or money as a result of this, DM was able to provide them with a working replacement vessel while the project was completed.

Diligent Marine

Diligent Marine is available to provide "on-site" dedicated and professional marine contractor service for clients all across New England, both residential and commercial.

2 Union Wharf - Fairhaven, MA 02719

Phone: 617.797.5916

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